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How to get there

From Russia


There are no direct flights from Russia to Montenegro. You need to fly with a transfer. Almost all Russian airlines have not been flying outside the Russian Federation since March 9.

The most suitable routes:

  • Via Istanbul (Turkey). Russian Federation → Istanbul (Turkey) → Podgorica (Montenegro). Airline Turkish Airlines. From Istanbul there are still flights to Tivat operated by other airlines.
  • Through Belgrade (Serbia). Russian Federation → Belgrade (Serbia) → Podgorica (Montenegro). Airline AirSerbia. You can also get from Belgrade to Montenegro by train and bus.

From Belgrade to Podgorica:

  • Bus. Every day, leaves at 23:00. The ticket costs 25 €. Departs from Belgrade from the main bus station in the center.
  • Train. Every day, departs at 20:20, arrives at 7 am. The ticket costs about 25 €. Dispatched from Beograd Centar

By car

From 2020, leaving the Russian Federation by land is possible only if a reason other than vacation is confirmed. Such reasons may be treatment, study, work or relocation. All these reasons must be supported by documents, and for all persons leaving. That means, they can release the wife, but hold the husband.

It seems impossible to get to Montenegro without visas at all. At a minimum, you will need a transit visa to Bulgaria (if you travel through Georgia→Turkey). More details are not yet known.

See also: Driving.

Transport accessibility of the city of Bar

Link to the city of Bar with transportation options


Citizens of Ukraine and Russia do not need a visa for Montenegro.

Citizens of the Russian Federation may stay in Montenegro for up to 1 month. The clock can be re-started by traveling to a neighboring country and immediately return back. It is important to get a stamp in your passport. This can be done every month. This way of staying in the country is called visa run. Neighboring countries that do not require a visa to enter are Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Albania (visa-free with Albania only part of the year, during the tourist season).

There is a transfer service to the border and back. You can find a car with a driver in telegram chat. Or see the article Bar. Approximate prices: Bar-Albania-Bar 10-15 euros; Bar-Bosnia-Bar 30 euros.

For permanent residence in Montenegro, you need to make a residence permit - Permit.

Needed due to coronavirus

From March 11, 2022, no tests or vaccination certificates are required to enter Montenegro.

Importing cash

Montenegro sets limits not per person, but per family:

  • Up to 10,000 € (or equivalent) - without declaration (green corridor)
  • Up to 100,000 € - with declaration and explanation of origin (red corridor)

See also Cryptocurrencies and How to withdraw money abroad‎‎

Upon arrival

Upon arrival, it is obligatory to register and immediately pay the tourist tax, 1 € per day per adult.[1] (see Turisticka organizacija on the map) the cities where you live. If this is not done, then there may be large fines and problems with legalization. Detailed instructions for paying the tourist tax.


There is a useful application for android Offline map of Montenegro.


Mobile communication

You can buy a m: tel or One sim card. 15€ for 500GB LTE internet per month (Turist package). You can just buy at a gas station or in a stall, you will need a passport, it will be photographed during the sale, the photo will be sent to the operator.

In some cases, you may need to manually set the access point (APN). For android: Settings> Network and Internet> m: tel> Access points. Create a new one with parameters name: mtelinternet, apn: mtelinternet, username: internet, password: 068.


You can bring pets. The rules of carriage are standard for international travel. More precisely, they correspond to the common European Union rules. In fact, when crossing the land border, the Pet Passport may not even be checked. At airports the rules may be enforced stricter.

Connecting with the community

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