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A city in the south of the Montenegrin coast, located near the City. Many settlers chose this city and its environs for life.

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Transport accessibility

Bar has a railway connection with Podgorica (including the airport) and Belgrade. Trains are old soviet style.
When planning, be sure to make allowances for delays. Average lateness Podgorica - Bar 20 minutes. Average delay Belgrade - Bar 2 hours. The train almost always starts on time, delays pile up along the way.
Train to Podgorica - 2.6 euros. A place in a compartment to Belgrade - 30 euros. Schedule. Railway station address

Buses are relatively modern, with air conditioning.
Place to Budva - about 5 euros. Place to Podgorica - about 6 euros.
In rare cases, all seats on the bus may be already taken at the station. Do not rush to contact the taxi drivers standing next to the station: most likely, you will find a better offer in telegram chat with transfers.
You can get to the north of Montenegro directly or with a change in Budva, from where there are many more buses.
The bus to Budva stops in Shushan, in the center of Bar at the Conto store, and at the station.
Bus timetable. Station address.

Hitchhiking is common in Montenegro, but it is not always free.
Also in popular destinations (for example, Budva - Bar) you can find a ride in chat with transfers at the price of a bus or a little cheaper.