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NAP means Non-Aggression Principle.

The NAP is the essential foundation of the Montelibero movement (MTL). Recognition of the NAP is a defining requirement for all MTL participants.

What does this mean

The NAP means that no one is allowed to initiate aggression without responsibility.

NAP has no exceptions. Not for a friend, not for the police, not for the state as a whole.

We can delegate to others only those rights that we ourselves have. You have the right to self-defense, which means it can be delegated to other people. We do not have the right to rob people, so we cannot delegate it to other people. We do not have the right to decide what a neighbor can eat, which means that other people cannot decide this for you.

A person who recognizes the NAP cannot consider government regulation as an acceptable way to influence the world. If you recognize the NAP, then you cannot consider taxes as a legitimate practice. At the same time, citizens in a certain territory enter into a certain contract in the form of local legislation, foreigners who come to a foreign country, also in pursuance of the NAP, are required to respect these contracts while visiting, including in the field of tax burdens, therefore, participants in the movement must convince citizens to revise their legal approaches in favor of voluntariness and non-aggression, however, this does not give grounds to violate local contracts, thus committing guest aggression against the rules of the host - the local consensus of citizens, to change which requires the use of legal and non-aggressive methods.

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