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"Društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću" is an analogue of the Russian LLC, or Ukrainian TOV.

Owner requirement

To register a company, you need to prove the availability of education. At the same time, it is sufficient and cheaper in terms of registration to present a certificate from the school. A diploma from a university will also be accepted, but it will cost more.

Special offer

Membero Participants can take advantage of a special offer for obtaining a Residence Permit through the opening of a company. To do this, it is enough to adhere to NAP and be subscribed to any of our chats.

Current rates:

  • 580 € for opening a company and obtaining a residence permit for its director.
  • 210 € for registration of an employee + residence permit, or for a residence permit for a family member.

The price includes translation and submission of documents, payment of all fees, notary services, printing.

Note: it is possible to provide a service in exchange for EURMTL.

For all questions, please contact @lss_me