Permanent Residence

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Permanent Residence is the next stage of legalization after obtaining a residence permit.

Issued after 5 years of owning the Permit. However, according to some reports, a residence permit obtained by hiring or owning real estate does not give grounds for permanent residence.

It is necessary to have 5 years of continuous permanent residence in order to have grounds for obtaining Montenegrin citizenship. Also, the possession of permanent residence gives certain guarantees against deportation in the event, for example, of the tightening of the regime for issuing a residence permit in the event of Montenegro joining the European Union. It is believed that by this time it is highly desirable for migrants to acquire permanent residence. The most reliable way to obtain it is to have a continuous residence permit on the basis of creating your own company, or establishing family ties with local citizens.

To obtain permanent residence, you need to be in the status of a residence permit for 5 years, while striving to be absent from the country for no more than 3 months a year, and no more than 10 months in total for five years, otherwise you will lose your residence permit status.

After passing 5 years in the status of a residence permit, you get permanent residence in Montenegro with the right to travel abroad, but you can lose permanent residence in Montenegro if:

  • Convicted on the territory of Montenegro for a term of six months or more for a criminal offense.
  • If it turns out that you received permanent residence on the basis of false data.
  • If you have been absent from Montenegro for more than one year

After passing 5 years in the status of permanent residence, you can apply for Montenegrin citizenship, and if you have received it, you cannot be deprived of it without your consent, you can live abroad for the rest of your life, you cannot be deprived of political rights because of this .