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MTL-Fund is an investment and management structure that performs ancillary functions as a joint business entity to optimize the storage, accumulation and management of material assets of the members of the Montelibero movement who are interested in cooperation for the speedy implementation of the movement's agenda and the acquisition of appropriate positive scaling effects activities (taking into account the risks and problems of negative effects).

Foundation Documents

The purpose of the Foundation is determined by by the Concept of the Foundation Strategy, and the content of its activities is also regularly adjusted by signatories /10/08/investment-strategy-mtl-fund/ Investment Strategy of the Fund.

Fund Accounts

The management of this activity is carried out by the so-called. Multisignature (Board of Signatories), whose members jointly manage the totality of the fund's common accounts, including:

  • Emission account, through which new general tokenized (digitized) fund assets are issued;
  • Storage account, which provides a clear accounting and display of the totality of tokenized fund assets;
  • Distribution account, from which auxiliary tokens are sold, fixing the Fund's targeted highly specialized financial obligations in relation to certain products;
  • Security account, which accounts for assets provided for the issuance of credit obligations to external entities in EURMTL (according to [https :// to the current rules of the EURMTL system], loans are issued against a 200% collateral in MTL tokens, which are taken into account when voting and calculating dividends, with registration through a mirror accounting token [https:// MTLRECT]) and fixing the loan amount by means of a paired EURDEBT token issued to borrowers at a ratio of 1 to 1 to the amount of EURMTL issued to account for the credit balance).

Council of Signers (SP)

All main accounts, whose totality forms the basic financial and organizational structure of the MTL-Fund, are synchronously managed by Multisig of the 20 largest owners of MTL-tokens, whose votes, until the decentralization of the distribution of the fund's shares is sufficient in the opinion of the majority of signatories, are distributed logarithmically (with a reduction in the voting power of the largest majority shareholders. As a result with more than 70 times the difference in the shares of the first and last member of the multi-signature, the difference in the strength of their vote is currently only 7 times). Taking into account these features, decisions are made by an absolute majority of signatories (more than 50% of their total votes).

The current register and distribution of votes, taking into account these circumstances, can be tracked independently in the appropriate tab with a description of the token, or on [https: // specialized-web-page] - the register of the Fund's shareholders.

The exception is Fund's auxiliary account for automated trading, where the rates of the Fund's main products are pegged to world currency quotes, which is managed by a specially authorized signatory trader due to the technical features of the organization transactions in it.