Emergency Evacuation

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On this page, links to materials that help to urgently evacuate from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia to Montenegro are collected and, if possible, kept up to date.

Members of the Montelibero movement, its supporters and people of strong libertarian views can count on the maximum loyalty and support from the activists of the movement and the first settlers who know local features well. But in practice, the majority of applicants receive help, except for complete inadequate ones.


What is the minimum required

  • International passport
  • Money for legalization and the first time.

It is advisable to immediately take with you a certificate of non-conviction with a “wet seal” - it is easier to legalize with it. Apostille is not needed, the translation is done on the spot. But in extreme cases, this certificate can be ordered through the consulate. It's just that it usually takes a lot longer.

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