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Visa run - "jog" to renew a visa.

In accordance with the Agreement on the conditions for mutual trips of citizens of the Russian Federation, citizens of the Russian Federation have a visa-free regime for 30 days from the date of arrival. When this period comes to an end, it is enough to leave Montenegro and return, then the 30-day period will start counting again.

Citizens of Ukraine, Belarus[1] have other visa-free conditions that do not allow extending their tourist status in this way.


  1. Vizaran is very simple.
  2. Visaran allows you to get to know the country better in order to more confidently make a decision on long-term legal residence (permit).
  3. Vizaran is a good opportunity to get acquainted with neighboring countries: Albania, Serbia, Croatia.


  1. Still, every month you have to travel somewhere, which is not always convenient.
  2. All this time you will have to register as a tourist and pay tourist tax (if you can conclude a long-term rental agreement or receive a notarized statement from the owner of the property that you live with him for free, then the tourist tax is zero; you still need to register).
  3. You remain a tourist, which means that the prospect of obtaining permanent residence has been pushed back all this time.