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POUTRU ([1]) is a personal token that records Valeriy Ustrosin's readiness to provide services within his professional competencies and capabilities, at a rate of 1 hour for 1 token, and in the event of refusal for any reason, an obligation to buy it at a fixed price of 20 EURMTL.

POUTRU tokens can be purchased on the open market or from its issuer at a negotiated price.


Valeriy Ustrosin - a system analyst, an expert in the field of cryptocurrencies. Has experience in creating and running a business. Holds a PhD in technical sciences.


In exchange for the POUTRU token, its holder can expect the following services from Valeriy Ustrosin:

  • System analysis work in IT and other fields;
  • Preparation of various documentation for IT projects;
  • Consultations on various issues related to cryptocurrencies;
  • Ready to discuss any of your problems and offer solutions.